About Us

Vibrant Energy is a leading owner & developer of Open Access renewable energy solutions dedicated to corporate consumers. Vibrant empowers Commercial and Industrial (C&I) consumers to achieve their 100% renewables targets by deploying easy to adopt (OpEx) solutions for energy consumption from Offsite (Wind and solar) farms. Headquartered in Singapore and Hyderabad, Vibrant has over 1.5+ GW of Assets Under Management (AUM), including under construction assets.

Vibrant's leadership team comes with an industry experience of more than three decades in renewable energy aided by a strong on-ground execution team.

Our Vision

We endeavour to mitigate climate change by empowering businesses with clean energy solutions

Our Mission

We strive to be an innovation-driven renewable energy company delivering desired returns to customers, providing cost saving to clients and contributing to a low carbon society

Our Values

Our Strengths

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What We Do

We sell renewable energy solutions to Commercial and Industrial consumers from off site renewable energy solutions such as Wind and solar energy. We are long term partners for our corporate consumers to empower them with renewable energy solutions to meet their sustainability targets.

3 Steps to kickstart your sustainable journey

Vibrant Energy will contract Solar/Wind capacity from its wind and solar farms

Consumers will consume energy from such plants using the grid infrastructure

Vibrant Energy will only bill for the power generated from the solar / wind farm

Reap Valuable Benefits

Empower consumers to decarbonize their footprint

Helps consumers realize recurring economic savings

Can substitute over 80% of the grid electricity consumption

Our Clients

At Vibrant Energy, we help revolutionizing green energy solutions one industry at a time!

  • FMCG

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Data Centers

  • Beverages

  • Steel

  • OEM's

  • Hospitals


We are an open access solutions provider to C&I consumers. We support our consumers to adopt easy to use renewable energy solutions from Off-site sources that contribute to a large percentage of their renewables targets.

Our business model is flexible and unique, tailored to meet our customers' requirements. In short, there is something for everyone.

We have an excellent track record of developing solar and wind farms and Over 1.5+ GW of wind and solar farms are underway across multiple Indian States, thus ensuring that we offer only the finest projects to our customers.

Our customers' requirements are of paramount importance to us. Having no other business vertical right now, we are able to service our corporate consumers wholly, and in every respect.

Having secured more than 75 million USD in funds for extensive projects, we have made good on our commitment to our customers.

We are fully committed to corporate mandated WHSE practices and controls, and understand the work it entails. We are reliable and in this together (with our consumers) for the long haul.

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