In a Group Captive Model, the consumer acquires a 26% equity stake in the project while Vibrant invests 74%. The consumer consumes a minimum of 51% of the energy generated by the project and in doing so realizes 25-40% renewable energy tariff in comparison to the grid tariff, due to the avoidance of surcharges.

Yes, absolutely! Group captive solutions are a great way to reduce electricity bills, while meeting all your power needs, so many large corporates are choosing this model to meet their sustainability goals.

Open Access is a mechanism in which large consumers have access to the transmission and distribution network so that they are free to obtain power from suppliers such as Vibrant Energy other than the local power distribution company

The agreement period is dependent on the lock-in period suited to each customer. While renewable energy power projects have long term warranties, the contractual power procurement period can be lesser and is pre-agreed with customers.

The Group Captive Model provides the consumers the flexibility to reap the benefits of solar energy, without having to invest 100% capital in a non-core area of their business.

Solar energy is the electricity harnessed from sunlight.

The average life of solar panels is 25 years. However, the lifecycle of solar panels could last over 40 years.

The consumer is required to invest 26% of the capital investment in a Group Captive Modal.

The Open Access Mechanism ensures consumers get energy settlement from offsite solar and wind power plants.

The cost of investing in a solar energy system depends on the energy requirement for your business. While Vibrant offers zero investment models, most consumers prefer the Group Captive Model of investment model and get increased savings while investing just 7.8% of the overall project cost.