Open Access


Open Access enables corporates and industries that meet the eligibility criteria, to directly buy power from a source other than their current Distribution Licensee (also known as the Discom). This is typically done through a power producer who builds a renewable power plant on a suitable site and contracts a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the client. This helps the clients to consume energy at competitive prices from off-site renewable energy projects, thus enabling them to make significant strides in their commitment to a green and sustainable future.

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Under the Group Captive model, a project is developed for the collective usage of one or many corporate buyers. This model is a structure where a consumer invests at least 26% equity in the project SPV (7.8% of project capex) and consumes at least 51% of the power produced.


Surcharge Exemption

No Technical Skill Required

In this model, the power generated at the developer’s RE park is supplied to the consumer’s business facility, using the state’s transmission lines. The developer bills the consumer every month, for the number of units consumed, at a pre-determined tariff for 15-25 years.

Zero Up-Front Cost

Hassle-Free and Risk-Free

Certainty on Tariff for the next 15-25 Years