Energy-intensive Commercial & Industrial customers are increasingly choosing off-site solutions to meet their entire RE requirements on a Round-The-Clock basis through innovative use of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources and Storage. Vibrant Energy owns and operates large solar and wind power plants across India that can deliver green power at significant discounts to grid tariffs.

Round-The-Clock Power from Hybrid Sources
  • With increasing volumes of renewables in the grid, RTC power supply becomes more critical to ensure that the grid is balanced, energy demand and supply are adequately managed, and intermittency issues do not affect the efficiency of the power system.

  • Hybrid energy helps achieve better synergies, higher plant load factors and greater energy gains.

  • Wind and solar power have complementary generation patterns so hybridising these two sources helps in achieving a smooth and efficient power output

  • Integration of incremental amounts of storage can deliver PLFs in excess of 80-85% on an RTC basis

  • These can be made available on both Inter- and Intra-State transmission levels, based on state policy


Open Access enables corporates and industries that meet the eligibility criteria, to directly buy power from a source other than their current Distribution Licensee (also known as the Discom). This is typically done through a power producer who builds a renewable power plant on a suitable site and contracts a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the client. This helps the clients to consume energy at competitive prices from off-site renewable energy projects, thus enabling them to make great strides in their commitment towards a green and sustainable future.

It is classified into

  • Intra State:
    • Both buying and selling entities are located in the same state, and the Project Site and Consumption Site are usually within the same state boundaries
    • It adheres to rules established by each of the State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERC).
    • Good option for customers who have large, energy-intensive facilities located in states that are also rich in Renewable Energy sources.
  • Inter State:
    • The Generation Site (Injection or Delivery Point) and Consumption Site (Drawal Point) are typically located in different states.
    • The Inter State Transmission System (ISTS) is utilised to wheel the generated power to each of the customer facilities
    • Ideal for customers who have a pan-India facility footprint and/or are located in states that are not ideal for RE generation
    • Advantages of Inter State Transmission System (ISTS) -
      • Facilitates smooth transfer of power across state and regional boundaries
      • Promotes the concept of One Nation - One Grid - One Frequency
      • Assists reliable power transfer from the resource rich areas to major load centers of the country

The Group Captive Model

Group Captive power is one such business model, where consumers make increased economic savings by investing at least 26% of the equity in the project SPV.

This model offers significantly higher savings by avoiding cross subsidy and additional surcharges resulting in the lowest landed costs.

Benefits of Group Captive Model

Cost Effective

Group Captive model helps reduce costs and delivers recurring commercial savings of over 25% per unit of electricity

Surcharge Exemption

Consumers are exempted from paying cross-subsidy charges and other additional surcharges

No technical skill required

Vibrant Energy will provide complete assistance to build, own, and maintain the power plant


Power trading refers to the buying and selling of energy from where it is produced to where it is needed. Various forms of power trading are possible depending on the market design – ranging from short-term trading to long-term power purchase agreements.

Vibrant Energy has a strong in-house trading team and necessary licenses to provide a range of Power Trading services for your short and long-term Renewable Energy needs.

Benefits that you are offered

  • Transparent & risk-free
  • Opportunity to secure the best prices
  • Wide variety of contracts


Decarbonization of the world economy is one of the most significant challenges we face today. Expanding renewable energy sources by transitioning to clean fuel solutions, is essential for overcoming this obstacle. This is where Green Hydrogen comes in.

Vibrant Energy is a pioneering green hydrogen provider, deploying customised solutions that can decarbonize energy systems or economic sectors that are difficult to electrify. Industries like chemicals, steel, transportation, and many more can facilitate this clean fuel solution to improve their processes for a better environment and sustainable future.

  • This could help phase out fossil fuel
  • It will enable India to move towards net-zero emissions
  • It desrisks the price of hydrogen for businesses
  • 100% sustainable
  • Storable
  • Versatile

VEH has partnered with Gateway House for a report on Hydrogen: Alternate Business Models for Alternate Energy



We are an open access solutions provider to C&I consumers. We support our consumers to adopt easy to use renewable energy solutions from Off-site sources that contribute to a large percentage of their renewables targets.

Our business model is flexible and unique, tailored to meet our customers' requirements. In short, there is something for everyone.

We have an excellent track record of developing solar and wind farms and Over 1.5+ GW of wind and solar farms are underway across multiple Indian States, thus ensuring that we offer only the finest projects to our customers.

Our customers' requirements are of paramount importance to us. Having no other business vertical right now, we are able to service our corporate consumers wholly, and in every respect.

Having secured more than 75 million USD in funds for extensive projects, we have made good on our commitment to our customers.

We are fully committed to corporate mandated WHSE practices and controls, and understand the work it entails. We are reliable and in this together (with our consumers) for the long haul.