Open Access enables corporates and industries that meet the eligibility criteria, to directly buy power from a source other than their current Distribution Licensee (also known as the Discom). This is typically done through a power producer who builds a renewable power plant on a suitable site and contracts a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the client. This helps the clients to consume energy at competitive prices from off-site renewable energy projects, thus enabling them to make great strides in their commitment towards a green and sustainable future.

The Group Captive Model

Under the group captive model, a project is developed for the collective usage of one or many corporate buyers. This model is a structure where a consumer invests at least 26% equity in the project SPV (7.8% of project capex) and consumes at least 51% of the power produced.

Benefits of Group Captive Model

Cost Effective

Group Captive model helps reduce costs and delivers recurring commercial savings of over 25% per unit of electricity

Surcharge Exemption

Consumers are exempted from paying cross-subsidy charges and other additional surcharges

No technical skill required

Vibrant Energy will provide complete assistance to build, own, and maintain the power plant

Third Party

In this model, the power generated at the developer’s RE park is supplied to the consumer’s business facility, using the state’s transmission lines. Developer bills the consumer every month, for the number of units consumed, at a pre-determined tariff for 15-25 years.

  • Zero upfront investment
  • Hassle-free and risk-free
  • Certainty of tariff for the next 15-25 years


Businesses all over the world are accelerating the usage of renewable energy. VPPA is one technique that has been more popular over the past few years.

A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term agreement between the company and the developer for the provision of Renewable Energy Credits or Certificates (RECs). When the company signs a VPPA, it promises to pay a fixed price for each unit of power produced by a renewable energy plant for a fixed time.

Features of VPPA
  • They secure large amount of carbon-free electricity at scale
  • Helps create economic growth and accelerates decarbonization
  • Great way for businesses to hedge against rising power costs

Unbundled VPPA contracts, as the name suggests, involves two transactions - one for the “unbundled” power and another for the associated Renewable Energy Credits (or RECs). An offtaker can take either, or both through the use of innovative business models. Unbundled contracts can be useful to offset carbon emissions where physical consumption of Renewable Energy is not possible, or for Scope II and III emissions abatement as part of an RE 100/ SBTI or equivalent commitment.


A bundled VPPA is a contract where the renewable energy is physically delivered to the buyer's local grid, and the buyer receives both the renewable energy and the associated renewable energy credits (RECs). The RECs represent the environmental attributes of the renewable energy and can be used by the buyer to claim that they are using renewable energy.


To cater to corporates who want to own assets on their balance sheets or/and have constraints in minority investments via group captive route, Vibrant Energy has structured a “Power Services Agreement” model

  • Vibrant Energy SPV builds a solar plant as an EPC and transfers all assets (except land) in the books of Consumer (same entity which owns the energy meter)

  • Except for the advance amount, SPV bills consumer only on energy generated Vibrant Energy SPV retains the right to mortgage/hypothecate the assets to lender for bank financing purposes


Power trading refers to the buying and selling of energy from where it is produced to where it is needed. Various forms of power trading are possible depending on the market design - ranging from short-term trading to long-term power purchase agreements.

Vibrant has a strong in-house trading team and a category IV power trading license to help cop consumers procure cost-effective green power. Analytics have helped multiple customers achieve green power and recurring economic savings

Benefits that you are offered

  • Transparent & risk-free
  • Opportunity to secure the best prices
  • Wide variety of contracts


Vibrant Energy is a pioneering green hydrogen provider, deploying customised solutions that can decarbonize energy systems or economic sectors that are difficult to electrify. Industries like chemicals, steel, transportation, and many more can facilitate this clean fuel solution to improve their processes for a better environment and sustainable future.

  • This could help phase out fossil fuel
  • It will enable India to move towards net-zero emissions
  • It de-risks the price of hydrogen for businesses
  • 100% sustainable
  • Storable
  • Versatile

VEH has partnered with Gateway House for a report on Hydrogen: Alternate Business Models for Alternate Energy